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Please see below and click on the drop-down menu above for links to more detailed information.

Quality puppies are occasionally available from health tested and certified parents, inquiries are welcome and reservations are taken from qualified homes.


I am a small hobby breeder located in Southeastern PA, 10 minutes or less off the PA Turnpike,  close to Rts. 222 or 176. I am active in the GSD community:


*** Officer/member Delaware Valley German Shepherd Dog Club


*** member, German Shepherd Dog Club of America


*** past national chairperson of the Breeder's Code of Ethics for the German Shepherd Dog Club of America


*** supporter of the PA and NJ Federation of Dog Clubs.


At Pine Hill emphasis is placed on the development, promotion, and enjoyment of a German Shepherd Dog, sound of mind and body that is a pleasure to live with.  Pine Hill is not a kennel; the dogs are much loved house dogs and companion animals first, (with an off switch!) who can often be found successfully competing in AKC conformation and/or performance venues.


Breeding only 1-2 litters a year Pine Hill has produced a multi AKC Best in Show, performance winners, certified FEMA search and rescue dogs, therapy, seizure alert, and motility assistance dogs. All are cherished family companions.


Litters are home-raised with an emphasis on early socialization to produce confident and outgoing puppies.

Pedigrees are carefully and laboriously scrutinized and  (verifiable!) health checks for parents are completed before a litter is contemplated. Health checks include hips/elbows/cardiac and Degenerative Myelopathy screening.  One of every breeding pair will be clear for DM so as not to produce any at risk puppies.  Dogs are bred to the GSD standard to be correct in size with lovely substantial bone and rich pigment.  The usual puppy colors in a litter are black and tan/red with the occasional bi-color or black. 


Pine Hill puppies are always vet checked with written health certification at 6+ weeks prior to companion owners visiting/selecting their puppy.  Puppies receive age-appropriate vaccines and parasite prevention, proof of the same provided with health records for new owners and their veterinarians.


I am proudly an AKC Breeder of Merit and Signer of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America Breeders’ Code of Ethics.  Call or e-mail for puppy availability and/or upcoming litter information.


Please note, visits are by appointment only. I am following the AKC's best practices during the pandemic.


Additional Info:

    Contact: Kathleen Salvucci

    Phone: 610-796-1718 (after 7 PM EST best)




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