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Shared by
Pine Hill Owners

My most sincere
appreciation to the
wonderful owners who

love their Pine Hill dogs.


Knowing that there are outstanding homes waiting

gives me the confidence to plan the next litter and

dream the next dream.

Thank you for sharing
your photos.  I'm thrilled to
receive them and I love
seeing the way you
enjoy your dogs.



Pine Hill Dogs

Enjoy pictures of

Pine Hill Dogs!


Once In a Lifetime

I'll often have children run up when I am out and about with the dogs, forgetting all they have been told about how to approach a strange dog, enthusiastically throw little arms around one of
the dogs and I'll catch the expression of pure joy that crosses their face as they get their hands in a wonderful coat and on a beautiful dog.

(What is it that is so special about the coat of a German Shepherd Dog?)

I WAS ONCE THAT CHILD, in fact, in many ways I still am, so I'll always make time for a child who longs to pet a dog.

  If you had told THIS child that one day she'd share her life with so many glorious examples of GSDs, I am quite certain she would have never believed it could be true.

What follows are photos of to some of the "Once In A Lifetime" dogs I have loved.
Is it a contradiction that there is more than one dog listed?

 Not to me.
Each one was so very special.  They are all terribly missed.

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